We provide computer systems and business consulting worldwide.  An immediate physical presence is available in the greater Chicagoland area; on-site visits elsewhere are available by advance arrangement.

With 15+ years of computer and business systems work, we come prepared with not only technical knowledge but the soft skills that are crucial to recognizing your needs and communicating effectively to ensure they are met -- and that solutions are thoroughly understood.

The nature of our work requires confidentiality; this is reflected in the brevity of this web presence.  The majority of our work is acquired by reference.  We are happy to consider and discuss your interest and requirements at your convenience.


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Bettendorf Systems
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A final note:  Why Google Sites?

Google Apps (of which Sites is a part) is one of the easiest -- and least expensive -- ways to gain a reliable, performant network presence.  For (very) simple needs, this may include a public-facing web site such as the one you are viewing.  Regardless of one's web site requirements, Apps provides secure, managed email, calendaring, document, and communication services.

You may be wondering what kind of budget you're facing, to deploy or upgrade your online presence.  We're advocates of the KISS principle -- Keep It Simpler, err... Simon.  Under the surface, Google Apps is a sophisticated product that has grown out of Google's own internal needs; they are offering you the same online services that they themselves use.  For you, however, a simple registration and sign-up, followed by some relatively straight-forward configuration, gives you an online presence connecting all of your employees and providing a wealth of communications channels with your customers and clients.

Put away your capital budget, and consider a quick and dirty -- and better and cheaper -- means of managing your information and your online presence, both private and public.  We're happy to help you get started and to manage your configuration.  We like saving our clients money.